2006 Results

10/28/06 9th Anniversary Show
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

  1. Danny Demanto defeated Corvis Fear. Following the match Axl Rotten made a suprise return and defeated Demanto.
  2. Lufisto & Alicia defeated Alexa & Melissa Stripes
  3. Christopher Street Connection defeated Sexxxy Eddy & Beef Wellington
  4. Low Ki defeated Tyler Black
  5. NJ State Champion Frankie Kazarian defeated B-Boy
  6. El Generico won the Best of the Light Heavyweights 9.
  7. Order of Elimination: 1. Grim Reefer via Human Tornado, 2. Archadia via Ricochet, 3. Chuck Taylor via Human Tornado, 4. Ricochet via El Generico, 5. Human Tornado via El Generico
  8. Jay Lethal & Azrieal defeated JAPW Tag Team Champions the OCK and the SAT in a 3-Way Dance to win the titles.
  9. Teddy Hart defeated Homicide, Low Ki, and Necro Butcher to win the JAPW Heavyweight Championship.
    --- Prior to the match, the JAPW Heavyweight Championship was stripped from Rhino due to no showing.


09/15/06 Rampage
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

  1. Deranged defeated Envy & Alter Boy Luke
  2. Melissa Stripes defeated Alere Little Feather
  3. Grim Reefer defeated Trent Acid
  4. Danny Demanto defeated Nicky Benz
  5. Homicide defeated EC Negro & Bandido Jr. via DQ
  6. Frankie Kazarian defeated Corvis Fear to retain the NJ State Championship.
  7. Low Ki defeated Azrieal
  8. All Money Is Legal defeated Dan Barry & Plazma
  9. Archadia defeated Jay Lethal via DQ
  10. Rhino defeated Monsta to retain the JAPW Heavyweight Championship


07/29/06 Ultimate Rumble
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

  1. Melissa Stripes defeated Alicia by DQ.
  2. The SAT defeated A.M.I.L.
  3. Low Ki defeated Archadia
  4. Frankie Kazarian defeated Grim Reefer to retain the Light Heavyweight Championship
  5. B-Boy defeated Human Tornado
  6. The OutCast Killaz vs EC Negro & Bandido Jr. went to a no contest.Special Referee: Don Montoya
  7. Ultimate Rumble- Monsta Mac defeated 19 other Participants to challenge Rhino for the Heavyweight Championship match.
  8. Rhino defeated Monsta Mack
  9. Teddy Hart defeated Jay Lethal


06/17/06 Caged Fury 2
Tab Ramos Sports Center -- Aberdeen, NJ

  1. Corvis Fear defeated Javi Air
  2. Monsta Mack defeated Deranged
  3. EC Negro & Bandido Jr. defeated Plazma & Dan Barry, A.M.I.L., and Demanto & Archadia in a four corner tag match.
  4. Grim Reefer defeated Sonjay Dutt
  5. Frankie Kazarain defeated AJ Styles and Jay Lethal to retain the JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship.
  6. Rhino defeated Abyss inside a steel cage.
  7. The OutCast Killaz defeated The SAT in a steel cage match.


04/29/06 Showcase
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

  1. Danny Demanto defeated Bandido Jr.
  2. Monsta Mac & EC Negro went to a No Conest
  3. Mercedes Martinez defeated Alexa Thatcher
  4. Xavier defeated Ricky Reyes in a very strong stiff match
  5. Plazam defeated Dan Barry & Jav Air
  6. OutCast Killaz defeated All Money Is Legal
  7. Human Tornado defeated El Generico
  8. Frankie Kazarian defeated Azrieal
  9. Rhino defeated Abyss


03/26/06 Spring Massacre
Tab Ramos Sports Center -- Aberdeen, NJ

  1. Bandido Jr. defeated Danny Demanto
  2. Grim Reefer defeated Plazma, Javi-Air, and Corvis Fear in a 4-Way.
  3. Rhino defeated Raven
  4. Alicia defeated Alexa Thatcher
  5. EC Negro beat Archadia
  6. Charlie Haas defeated Frankie Kazarian
  7. The SAT defeated the OutCast Killaz
  8. Teddy Hart defeated Azrieal
  9. AJ Styles defeated Jay Lethal
  10. Homicide & Low Ki defeated Sonjay Dutt & Sabu


02/18/06 Brotherly Love Fundraiser
New Alhambra -- Philadelphia, PA

  1. Grim Reefer defeated M-Dogg 20 in a 4 Way to become the #1 Contender for the JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship. Other participants included Azrieal and Archadia.
  2. SAT & Xavier defeated La Familia (EC Negro & OutCast Killaz)
  3. Monsta Mack defeated Trent Acid
  4. Monty Brown defeats Danny Demanto by a POUNCE!
  5. Monty Brown defeats Balls Mahoney by POUNCE.
  6. Sabu & Sonjay Dutt defeated the Briscoe Brothers
  7. Charlie Haas defeated Homicide by submission with the Haas of Pain
  8. Rhino defeats Teddy Hart to retain the JAPW Heavyweight Championship in an Elimination match, with Jay Lethal being eliminated first.


01/07/06 Wild Card II
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

  1. Mercedez Martinez defeated Alicia via DQ
  2. Monsta Mack defeated Trent Acid
  3. Monty Brown pinned EC Negro
  4. Frankie Kazarian pinned Xavier
  5. SAT defeated the OutCast Killaz and Briscoe Brothers to retain the Tag Team Championships.
  6. Teddy Hart defeated Azrieal to become the new JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion in a Guantlet match.
  7. Rhino defeated Jay Lethal to become the new JAPW Heavyweight Champion.
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