2008 Results


12/13/08 11th Anniversary Show
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

  1. Archadia won the B.O.T.H. 11. Participants included Amazing Red, Grim Reefer, Flip Kendrick, Shiima Xion, Prince Mustafa Ali, Louis Lyndon
  2. Taylor Wilde defeated Annie Social
  3. The Heavy Hitters defeated the SAT
  4. Dan Maff defeated Rhino
  5. LAX defeated the Briscoe Brothers
  6. Jay Lethal & Don Juan defeated El Generico & Kevin Steen
  7. NJ State Champion Bandido Jr defeated Danny Demanto
  8. DNA defeated the FBI to win the JAPW Tag Team Championship
  9. Low Ki defeated Kenny Omega by DQ.


11/15/08 Reboot
Golden Door Charter School -- Jersey City, NJ

  1. Don Juan defeated Chris Dickinson
  2. Garden State Gods defeated The Best Around
  3. Bandido Jr defeated Grim Reefer to win the JAPW NJ State Championship
  4. FBI defeated LAX to win the JAPW Tag Team Championship
  5. The Heavy Hitters defeated the SAT
  6. Danny Demanto defeated Dan Maff in a Last Man Standing Match
  7. DNA defeated the Briscoe Brothers
  8. Kenny Omega and B-Boy went to a no contest.


10/18/08 Halloween Hell
The Arts Factory -- Bayonne, NJ

  1. Insane Dragon defeated Bandido Jr
  2. Best Around defeated the Hotshots
  3. Angel Orsini defeated Amy Lee (WSU match)
  4. Chase Del Monte defeated Chris Dickinson
  5. DAN defeated the Garden State Gods
  6. Rhino & Dan Maff defeated Danny Demanto & Grim Reefer


09/20/08 Beat the Odds
Golden Door Charter School -- Jersey City, NJ

  1. Chris Dickinson defeated Javi Air
  2. Xavier defeated Don Juan
  3. Angel Orsini defeated Annie Social
  4. Grim Reefer defeated Insane Dragon
  5. The Good Guys (Azrieal & Dixie) defeated the SAT
  6. Heavy Hitters defeated Nigerian Nightmares
  7. Danny Demanto defeated Dan Maff, Eddie Kingston & Jay Lethal
  8. LAX defeated Nunzio & Balls Mahoney
  9. Rhino defeated Kenny Omega by DQ


09/19/08 Beachwood Brawl
Toms River Intermediate South Middle School -- Beachwood, NJ

  1. Annie Social defeated Roxxie Cotton
  2. Grim Reefer defeated Eddie Kingston
  3. Nunzio defeated Xavier
  4. Dixie defeated Chris Dickinson & Don Juan
    --- Bandido Jr. started in match, got injured, and replaced by Don Juan
  5. SAT defeated Garden State Gods (Corvis Fear & Myke Quest)
  6. Dan Maff defeated Danny Demanto
  7. Kenny Omega defeated Jay Lethal
  8. LAX defeated Heavy Hitters
  9. Rhino won the Ultimate Rumble


08/16/08 Exit 14A Homecoming
The Arts Factory -- Bayonne, NJ

  1. Chris Dickinson defeated Chase Del Monte
  2. Corvis Fear & Myke Quest defeated Da Ubermenschen
  3. Heavy Hitters and the Nigerian Nightmares went to a double count out
  4. Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Jay Lover
  5. Mike Donovan defeated Rob Vegas
  6. Angel Orsini defeated Annie Social, Roxxie Cotton and Rick Cataldo
  7. Grim Reefer defeated Dixie & Bandido Jr.
  8. Dan Maff defeated Danny Demanto


06/28/08 Overload
Golden Door Charter School -- Jersey City, NJ

  1. Don Juan defeated Chris Marvel, Danny Matthews, and Scott McKenzie
  2. Eddie Kingston defeated Danny Demanto
  3. Das Ubermenschen defeated The Logan Brothers
  4. Corvis Fear and Bandido Jr. went to a Double DQ
  5. Nigerian Nightmares defeated Chris Dickinson & Chase Del Monte
  6. Christian Cage defeated Jimmy Rave
  7. LAX defeated the SAT
  8. Kenny Omega defeated the Grim Reefer


05/31/08 Full FN Force
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

  1. Gemini Trojans defeated Rob Vegas & Chase Del Monte
  2. Pinkie Sanchez & Rayza defeated Nigerian Nightmares via DQ
  3. Angel Orsini defeated Nikki Roxx
  4. Eddie Kingston & Slyck Wagner Brown defeated The Logan Brothers
  5. Grim Reefer defeated Azrieal & Chris Hero
  6. Kenny Omega defeated Danny Demanto
  7. LAX defeated the Heavy Hitters
  8. Booker T /Sharmell defeated Jay Lethal


04/19/08 Spring Massacre 2008
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

  1. Style & Finesse defeated the B.Q.E.
  2. Alexa Thatcher defeated Nikki Roxx
  3. Grim Reefer defeated Archadia, Azrieal, and Eddie Kingston to become the NJ State Champion
  4. Devon Storm defeated Bandido Jr.
  5. Heavy Hitters defeated Gemini Trojans
  6. Danny Demanto defeated Teddy Hart by Count-Out
  7. LAX defeated the Rock N Rave Infection
  8. Kenny Omega defeated Frankie Kazarian


03/08/08 Caged Fury 2008
Golden Door Charter School -- Jersey City, NJ

  1. Bandido Jr. pinned Slyck Wagner Brown in a 4-Way Dance. Other participants included Devon Storm and Ryan McBride.
  2. Heavy Hitters defeated Earl Cooter & CD.
  3. Xavier defeated Danny Demanto
  4. TNA Superstar Frankie Kazarian defeated Delirious
  5. Kenny Omega defeated Low Ki for the JAPW Heavyweight Championship
  6. STEEL CAGE: Archadia defeated the Grim Reefer
  7. STEEL CAGE: LAX defeated Teddy Hart & Samoa Joe


02/16/08 Wild Card IV
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

  1. Reefer defeated Bandido Jr.
  2. Heavy Hitters (Monsta Mac & Havoc) defeated Pinky Sanchez & Earl Cooter
  3. Teddy HArt defeated Kenny Omega & Xavier
  4. Danny Demanto defeated Devon Storm in a Wild Card Rules match
  5. MOVIE TAPING MATCH: Ron Killings defeated Romeo Roselli
  6. Archadia defeated Jay Lethal
  7. LAX defeated Motor City Machine Guns


01/19/08 Reclaiming Hudson
Golden Door Charter School -- Jersey City, NJ

Pre-Show Match:  Wrestling Idol Contract Match, Winner would become part of JAPW Full time. Pinky Sanchez & Cooter wrestled for about 10 seconds before "The Heavy Hitter" Mac & Havoc destroyed both of them, neither was signed.

  1. Bandido Jr. upset/defeated Azrieal
  2. Jay Lethal defeated Chris Hero
  3. Xavier beat Sonjay Dutt
  4. Monsta Mack & Havoc defeated Slyck Wagner Brown & DJ Hyde when Archadia gave Hyde a handful of hundred dollar bills to walk out on the match
  5. Danny Demanto defeated Devon Storm in a rematch from the 10th Anniversary Show. Crowd was 50/50 behind both superstars.
  6. NJ State Champion, Archadia w/Jonny D & Alexa Thatcher, defeated the Grim Reefer to keep the NJ Championship after Archadia's new "Body Guard" DJ Hyde ran into lay out Reefer.
  7. Crime Time defeated Style & Finesse in Tag Team Action.
  8. JAPW Heavyweight Champion Low Ki defeated Hernadez to retain the title after the Champion put Hernandez through the Ki Krusher followed by a Ghetto Stomp for the pin.
  9. In a match the was just insane! Teddy Hart defeated Homicide and Eddie Kingston in a 3 Way NO DQ NJ Street Fight after Hart pinned Kingston. Teddy Hart moonsaulted of bleachers, pull-up bars and everything else nailed down!
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