2016 Results


4/30/16 Homecoming
BCB Bank Pavillion -- Bayonne, NJ

1. Magic won a JAPW Legends Battle Royal. Other participants included The Orphan, Dr. Hurtz, Lowlife Louie Ramos, Jay Lover, EC Negro, Crazy Ivan, Jersey Hurricane, and Slayer.
2. "2 Hot" Steve Scott defeated Smiley
3. Danny Demanto defeated EC Negro.
4. Azrieal defeated Joey Janela
5. Blk Jeez defeated Archadia to retain the JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship
6. Kimber Lee defeated Annie Social to become the new JAPW Women's Champion
7. Rhino defeated Charlie Haas
8. Team Pazuzu defeated Da Hit Squad, Homicide & Low Ki in Fat Frank's Suicidal Games.


10/1/16 Calm Before The Storm
Marist High School -- Bayonne, NJ

Before the show got under way, the son of Fat Frank, Jake Iadevaia, got in the ring to talk about his father and JAPW, but got interrupted by Dr. Hurtz. After an exchange of words, Jake slapped Dr Hurtz which led to Dr Hurtz putting Jake in a sleeper which was broken up by the referee's .

1. Dickie Rodz defeated Mike Donovan
2. Pinkie Sanchez defeated Indigo Chyld, Dixie, & Smiley to get a spot in the 20th Anniversary Show Best of the Light Heavyweights match.
3. Magic defeated Crazy Ivan
4. TJ Blade got destroyed after Joker came out, with Homicide. This led to Monsta Mack coming out, trying to be held back from Mafia. As Joker & Homicide were heading to the back, Low Ki's music hits and he comes out to send a message to Da Hit Squad.
5. JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion Blk Jeez defeated 2 Hot Steve Scott to retain the title
6. Azrieal defeated Joey Janela, Grim Reefer and Danny Demanto to get a spot in the 20th Anniversary Show Best of the Light Heavyweights match.
7. Deonna Purrazzo defeated Alicia
8. EYFBO defeated Archadia & Kyle the Beast and Private Party
9. Joker & Homicide w/Low Ki battled Da Hit Squad to a no contest.


11/12/15 20th Anniversary Show
Rahway Rec Center -- Rahway, NJ

Pre-show: Homicide, Low Ki, and Da Hit Squad were inducted into the JAPW Hall of Fame. 

1. Archadia defeated Joey Janela to become the new JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion in a Best of the Light Heavyweights match. Other participants included Steve Scott, JT Dunn, Johnny Silver, Connor Claxton, Azrieal, and Pinkie Sanchez.
2. The Private Party defeated Pat Buck & Kevin Matthews
3. Deonna Purrazzo defeated Sumie Sakai
4. Matt Tremont defeated DJ Hyde
5. Magic, J Lover, & Crazy Ivan defeated The H Effect
6. Joker vs Kyle the Beast was thrown out
7. Drago & Aero Star defeated EYFBO
8. Blk Jeez defeated B-Boy to become the new JAPW Heavyweight Champion
9. Alberto el Patron defeated Sami Callihan
10. In a steel cage match, Da Hit Squad defeated Homicide & Low Ki

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