Sunday, 05 March 2017 14:00

JAPW Update: The Dream Continues

Update posted on the JAPW like page on Facebook:

"As we prepare to begin our 21st year, I was reminded the other day that when Frank began JAP he had a vision and dream of an independant wrestling organization that gave an opportunity to wrestlers from all over the country, wrestlers of all shapes and sizes, and wrestlers with all different degrees of ability and skill, a chance to be a part of JAP.

Many of the wrestlers who wrote notes after Frank's passing said that without the opportunity that Frank gave them, they may not be a part of indy wrestling today. As we prepare for 2017 JAP will return to the vision that Frank had 20 years ago.

Our team will begin to move forward and return to the old days with this vision, bringing back to our fans an opportunity to see wrestlers from around the world. Get ready for the ride. THE DREAM CONTINUES!"

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